3 reasons rent to own cars is booming in Brisbane

Rent to own cars is becoming a huge hit in Brisbane. If you’re not sure what exactly rent to own cars are let me be the first to let you know.

Rent to own cars are cars that you can rent, but it is not like your average rental. With these cars every rental payment you make counts towards you owning the vehicle outright. One of the best features of most rent to own deals is the fact that there’s no lock in contract. If you decide that you don’t want the car anymore, you can just simply return it with no questions asked.

This is different from regular car finance. With a car loan you are bound by contract to pay out the money you borrowed. You can usually get around this by selling the car you bought to pay out the remainder of the loan.

There is like car loans a deposit that you have to pay upfront before getting the car. This amount is usually not a substantial figure especially for used cars. The deposit is usually used for security purposes for the car from the rent to own provider.

If the deposit is too high there are some places that will be able to subsidise the deposit into the first few weekly payments. Not all rent to own providers can do this despite it being a really handy feature for customers who are really trying to get a new car in a pinch. From my rent to own experience I have found that flexibuy cars are able to do this subsidy upon request. For more information on how their particular rent to own service work you can find out here on there website: https://flexibuy.com.au/rent-to-own-cars-rent-to-buy-cars/

There are many rent to own car providers out there, some of them can have unscrupulous business procedure and practices. The best way to find out if the rent to own provider you have found is doing something dodgy is by looking at reviews. The best source of these are found on google and also on facebook if the business has a facebook business page.

If there are only good reviews on the top make sure that you scroll through all of them to see if there are any bad reviews. If you do find a bad review remember that it doesn’t mean that the company as a whole is bad. It may have been a somewhat combative customer. The best way to tell is if there is a being string of complains that have a similar message.

Some of the bad comments at times can actually mean something good. As an example if a customer wrote that the business never got back to them after submitting an application. This may be because the the business is doing so well, that the staff took a little longer to process a massive list of applications.

Also look for replies from the business, generally if the business does reply to its feedback they are really giving it a good go of trying to get their business right with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Even if the business does have one bad review it doesn’t mean that every aspect of the business is bad. A good way to do a quick bit of field research is to call the company and get a feel for yourself, or if you want to put in the extra effort, go into the actual business and check four yourself face to face.

If you have any awesome tips to share on rent to own cars providers please email us at admin@paricutin.com and we’ll be happy to make an edit this page and include some of you words of wisdom.

If you want to check out FlexiBuy more have a look at their facebook page here: rent to own cars facebook